March Madness with Pickaxe

This month we’ve been hitting the conference circuit, and deep diving into MeridianGoogle’s new MMM tool. Plus, we’ve got an exciting new development in our partnership with Braze. Let’s get into it!

Pickaxe in the Wild

In mid-March, Gabe Fabius joined Sean KilcullenGroup Product Manager at Amplitude, for a fireside chat about “Product Data: Fueling Enterprise Innovation”.

Last month, Eric Callahan participated in the Data Engineering Roadmap for AI Readiness, alongside our partners at Secoda.

For those of you who couldn’t make the webinar, Secoda have done a recap on their blog.

Meanwhile, Eric has an exciting schedule ahead, with two upcoming conferences in April:

Leveling Up With Braze

We are excited to announce that Pickaxe has achieved Launch level status as a partner in the prestigious Braze Alloys ecosystem.

Earning this status involves meeting specific criteria such as accreditation, delivery outcomes, business performance, and platform adoption.

Pickaxe has collaborated closely with Braze and clients on successful projects including the Braze Torchie award-winning “Year in Review” campaign for Peacock, so we are thrilled to make our partnership with Braze official as part of the Braze Alloys program.

What's the Deal with Meridian?

There’s been some big news in the world of marketing mix modeling as Google recently announced the launch of Meridian, their open-source tool that “aims to provide marketers with the foundation for comprehensive, privacy-durable measurement.”

Within hours of the announcement, we were fielding questions from clients, so we’ve done a deep dive and pulled together some thoughts.

Check out our initial impressions.

PS. Not sure what marketing mix modeling is? We wrote an refresher / intro on MMM last month, which you can find here.

Meet The Team - Eric Callahan

He’s been showing up at all the conferences this year, and we talk about him a lot, so it’s time to learn more about everyone’s favorite data guru: Eric Callahan!

What is your role at Pickaxe?
  • I figure out how to use data to solve client problems, and then I build the solution.
  • This also means I spend a lot of time learning about new cutting edge technologies and solutions, and sometimes even speak publicly about them.
What did you do before Pickaxe?

I spent about 10 years doing analytics in big corporations like AMEX and Wyndham before pivoting to Data Science and startups. I don’t plan to look back.

What do you do in your spare time?

Try my best to wrangle 2 kids and 3 cats.

I’m a big fan of NY sports teams (mostly the bad ones) and spend a bunch of time dragging my son to games. He will be brainwashed into a lifetime of misery soon!

You can follow Eric on LinkedIn or watch him in action at MDS Fest from April 8th-12th or at ODSC from April 23rd – 25th.

What We're Reading This Month

  • Amazon sees opportunity amid the demise of third-party cookies (Digiday)
  • Why the latest TikTok ban attempt is different — and what it means for marketers (Marketing Dive)
  • OpenAI is expected to release a ‘materially better’ GPT-5 for its chatbot mid-year, sources say (Business Insider)
  • Apple Can’t Build AI, So It’s Reportedly Asking Google Gemini to Power Siri (Gizmodo)
  • YouTube TV grew 48% last year thanks to its NFL deal and these other smart plays (Fast Company)
This month we've been hitting the conference circuit, and deep diving into Meridian, Google's new MMM tool. Plus, we've got an exciting new development in our partnership with Braze. Let's get into it!

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