A Compendium of Stupendous Amazing Things.

In-or-Out: Should you bring your agency in-house?

Moving in-house may in fact be the right decision - but instead of only thinking about cost on paper, here are some questions to ask:

Just so typically May with Pickaxe

This month we’re defending the Modern Data Stack and announcing our summer conference schedule.

Let’s give the Modern Data Stack a Chance

The ubiquity of the term might make it seem like MDS has become a buzzword rather than a salient concept, which could be an indication that the Modern Data Stack is dying.

Hello World: Pickaxe Announces the Introduction of Picky the Pickaxe Pickle as New Mascot

I love pickles but I am opposed to Picky. I don’t think we need to anthropomorphize our dedication to delivering insights to our customers. Also his abs really intimidate me

March Madness with Pickaxe

This month we've been hitting the conference circuit, and deep diving into Meridian, Google's new MMM tool. Plus, we've got an exciting new development in our partnership with Braze. Let's get into it!

Here’s what we think about Google’s Meridian

What is Meridian? Is it actually new? Are there some features that Meridian has that are really interesting? How is it different? Just like you, we wanted to know, so we got our very best data nerds on the case.

Case Studies

Nexstar CDP Development, Event Data Schema, & Implementation

Nexstar needed a better way to understand user behavior, ad anomalies, and advertising performance across the hundreds of federated stations and websites that they operate from a mix of technology platforms built by them, or that they had acquired from multiple legacy parent companies over the years. The result was inconsistent and disparate reporting.

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Increasing Ad Revenue by Improved Reporting

With thousands of advertisers, this Publisher was spending several days each month configuring Google Data Studio to generate campaign-close reporting. Not only were the visualizations lackluster and off brand, but the Publisher was also running into significant INFOSEC concerns granting advertisers access to their data in a secure way.

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Improving Attribution and ROAS with a custom Media Mix Model

The CMO and marketing team at Spartan Race were having challenges with getting accurate attribution across all of their paid media channels, including above the line sources like TV ads and Out Of Home. And recent changes in cookie blocking and iOS added significant confusion in the data, causing major conflict between what they believed was driving conversion vs what their internal data was showing was driving conversions.

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