Radically improve your marketing ROI with Mix.

Smarter budgets. More effective marketing. Don't just analyze the past. Predict the future.

Mix is a new approach to Attribution and Media Mix Modeling that gives you full transparency for your media, including all your tactics, and lets you see results faster than ever before.

Attribution that works with how you think about your marketing.

  • Organize by Tactic

  • Manage Multiple Budgets

  • Built In recommendations to improve ROAS.

  • Overspend / Underspend Analysis

  • Above the Line, Out of Home, and Organic attribution included.

  • Customize your own channel definitions.

Media Mix
AI Powered Recommendations > Build Scenarios & Compare < Accurate Historical Analysis Your Channels & Your Tactics > < Find Maximum Return

Completely Flexible

One size does not fit all.

Don't limit channel definitions to just "Facebook". Align your channels to your specific tactics and get the truest sense of how each performs.

Totally Codeless

Hundreds of data connections supported.

Mix works seamlessly with Pickaxe's data connectors and query tools for the most complete picture of your performance.

Plan & Execute

A playground for everything.

The Mixer lets you build different scenarios, with a mix of budgets and channels, to find the one that will work best for your goals.

Plan your budgets and predict the future.

Mix lets you explore many different budgets and scenarios to find the one that works best for you. Leveraging deep historical attribution analysis combined with built-in machine learning, Mixer gives you the power to get the most out of your budget.

  • AI Powered Recommendations

    Want to know what the best mix of channels and tactics is for your specific goal? Mix will tell you.

  • Build Scenarios

    Want to explore and compare one budget approach to another? Or have a different channel mix in one region vs another? Mixer lets you explore different scenarios.

  • Find the biggest Bang For Your Bucks

    Mixer will evaluate the BfB of your choices, letting you know if this media plan will provide you a better return on your dollars spent.

  • Find the Point of Maximum Return

    Spending more doesn't always just return more. Mixer helps you find the optimal spend points so you can ensure no wasted dollars.

Optimize your spend to your goals. Test different budgets and allocations. Simulate all your tactics. < Find Maximum Return


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