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Improve your


We help companies implement the world’s best martech stacks.

Our Marketing Systems Optimization practice includes everything from improving attribution to fixing data silos, and from aligning KPIs to resolving reporting conflicts from ad networks.

We can help you improve how you acquire and retain customers, how you engage them through omni-channel messaging, and how you learn and grow.

Is your analytics and engagement data actionable and business ready? Do you have all the data you need to answer the most important questions and stored in the right schema?

Can you link attribution through all channels? Are you sure you aren't paying for a customer twice?

Do you need a DMP? Is your CDP set up to maximize success and build the right audiences?

Are you able to execute all the omni-channel campaigns and automations you need? Do you have all the data for triggers properly synced to all locations that need it?

Is the data in your warehouse actionable and linked across all sources? Is it enriched in all the ways you need it to be? Can you automate reporting and predictive modeling?

Launch Marketing Strategy & Data Optimization

Make every dollar count for the best return on every penny spent.

We can help make sure your data and martech systems are optimized, attribution is handled properly, and your approach to measurement and media mix is benchmarked against best-in-class marketing and data system design.

Systems Integration

Do you need help bringing new technology onto your stack?

Vendor Assessment

Do you know how to assess who the best vendors are to match against your specific requirements?

Data Systems Architecture Review

Is your system delivering all the value you need in the time you need it?

Data Schema Analysis

Do you have all the data you need in the most business ready, actionable format?

Fixing Silos

Are your teams asking for better data to ensure they are making the best decisions?

Tagging & Attribution

Are you worried you are paying for customers twice?

Cross-Functional Expertise

No matter what your stack and tools are, we can help.

Our team has the technical knowledge to do the job. From querying languages to how to setup processes and workflows in a warehouse and how to create visualizations for the data.

We work with all the leading vendors across martech, including:

We'll help you make your systems better.

Data systems and architecture audits that deliver results.

Your Scorecard

Data Integrity & Accuracy 81%
Data Schema Completeness 51%
Normalization 75%
Source Analysis 86%
Marketing Attribution 64%
Product Behavioral Analytics 89%
Ad Yield Optimization 68%
CDP Integration 79%

Improve Data Integrity

We will review all your data and help you fix any problems with data integrity or quality.

Build/Fix ETL Pipelines

Whether you need to build new, or fix existing pipelines, we can help you get your data moving.

Improve Attribution

Improve your acquisition and retention, and never pay for a customer twice. Let us help you optimize your marketing.

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