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Pickaxe is looking for a talented marketing analyst who enjoys meeting users, loves data and has a practical business sense about why our users value it. This role will work closely with data scientists, developers, designers, and other teammates to drive the product roadmap for our specialized set of solutions for marketers including Paid Media reporting dashboards and data pipeline, and MIX our MMM (Mix Media Modeling) product.

As the Lead Marketing analysts you’ll work closely with your external customers to understand their pain points and business objectives and ensure both are captured in our software and service offerings.

More specifically you will:

  • Work closely with our clients (marketers) over time to understand their pain points and help translate those into requirements for data taggin schemas, and data queries and models you can run against their data to provide them with actionable insight
  • Design reports that provide our analyst customers with ongoing data in the most useful formats for them to take action 
  • Identify key insights that aren’t being tracked and predicted in our software platform and predicted and help broaden our coverage of what we analyze.
  • Assist Dev and QA with making sure what we show our clients is impeccably accurate and easily understandable and passes the common sense test
  • Collaborate with the design and development team and act as the non-technical subject matter expert to make adjustments to current models, presentation layers, and queries running in production


  • You’re proactive, entrepreneurial, and collaborative; you can work well with cross functional teams of Data Analysts/Dev/QA and marketing clients, you can spot gaps, and can manage your own work stream.
  • Customers like working with you.  You’ve been customer facing, you like building solutions for users, and you know how to spot trends in user feedback across verticals and brands.
  • You’ve got 8+ years of relevant work experience and can act as your own project manager when necessary.  You don’t need someone else to remind you of deliverables and due dates.
  • Ideally you’ve been a subject matter expert on paid marketing across networks like Meta, Campaign Manager 260, Google Ads, TradeDesk, Tik Tok, etc.  You’re comfortable working on connector tools like Funnel, Datorama, or Clarisights.  You’ve used analytics tools like Adobe Analytics/Omniture, MixPanel, Heap, Amplitude, Google Analytics, Google Search console, billing systems, Shopify, inventory managers, CMS’s, etc. You won’t use them all, but you have to feel comfortable understanding how different data collection systems work and how you might match up data between multiple systems.
  • Extra credit if you have a have a strong background in e-commerce, digital marketing (awareness or direct response), social publishing, media, or subscription businesses.
  • Experience with database analysis is a plus (R, SQL, BigQuery, Snowflake,).  Yo should at least feel comfortable running a really basic SQL query.


  • You understand the details of reporting on a cross-platform marketing campaign.   multiplatform marketing campaigns. 

Experience in business analytics; you’ve reported on and evaluated at least one of these: site performance, marketing campaigns, programmatic media platforms, optimization tests, CRM, and social analytics

  • You understand the basic concepts and application of statistics, predictive analytics and machine learning, and are interested in learning more

Bonus skills

  • Experience in product management is a plus; ideally you’ve worked in an organization that had sprints, epics, stories, bugs, and you’re familiar with the joys and pains of the software development life cycle.
  • You’re interested in using AI to solve business challenges, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Generation (NLG), machine vision, and deep learning techniques

This job is primarily remote. Some travel to New York, LA, SF, and London may be required.

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