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Analyze & Predict

Pickaxe Query gives you the easiest to use, most advanced tools for analyzing all your data gathered, including your existing data warehouses. Make sense of all of your data with built-in predictions & insights that free your team.


Reporting & Dashboards

Pickaxe Dashboards give your teams and execs reporting that they’ll love. Powerful visualizations, beautiful results.


Budgeting & Planning

Pickaxe Mix gives you budgeting superpowers. A new approach to Media Mix Modeling that will not only analyze all your channels & tactics, but can also predict the future - letting you run budget scenarios to deliver the highest ROI.

Pickaxe Query

Powerful enough for your data team, but simple enough for your CEO.

No SQL, no coding, no markup required to get the data you need.

Pickaxe Dashboards

Beautiful dashboards your teams (and execs!) will love.

With automated analysis built-in. Free your teams to spend more time working and less time wrangling.

Pickaxe Mix

Smarter budgets. More effective marketing.

Don't just analyze the past. Predict the future.​

Mix is a new approach to Attribution and Media Mix Modeling that gives you full transparency for your media, including all your tactics.

Improve ROI and ROAS faster than ever before.

Additional Services we provide.

Fractional Marketing & Data Analysts

Grow your internal capabilities with our marketing analysts. Whether you need a few hours a week, or a full time analyst, our team of trained experts know how to gather, organize, and analyze all of your marketing data to make actionable decisions faster.

Data & Martech Systems Integration, Development, & Optimization

Whether you need to design a data warehouse, audit your martech stack, implement or integrate new tools, we have the experience to deliver results that have impact.

Decision Science & Data Engineering

From building data pipelines and schemas, to bespoke machine learning algorithms, we help you move faster and get the most out of your data.

Conversion API Integrations (CAPI)

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