What Team Pickaxe is excited about for 2024

Here at Team Pickaxe, we’re always looking ahead and learning to see how upcoming trends can benefit both our own products, and our client projects.

We’ve asked the team, and here are some of the tech & trends that Team Pickaxe is most excited about for 2024:

Eric Callahan

Data Solutions

I’m interested to see if people start paying more attention to data quality this year. There are now more ways to capture data than there ever have been, and there’s a big push to invest money in analysis tools. But at the end of the day, your results will only be as good as the data you collect. I’m hoping that in 2024, we can all learn that “garbage inputs lead to garbage outputs”, and that the attention will shift to collecting and maintaining good, clean, quality data.

Ralph Bradley

Data Science

I'm looking forward to applying conformal prediction techniques to existing Pickaxe models, specifically to improve the application for our business clients, giving them greater confidence in the model outputs. Conformal prediction techniques are exciting because they provide confidence intervals that are actual, rather than just a vague, "at 95% confidence we estimate results will be between these boundaries".

While they’re somewhat of a hidden secret at the moment in machine learning, they’re going to be super helpful as they will enhance the credibility and decision-making utility of ML model outputs for our clients. 

Chris Ociepa


I’m intrigued by the continued development of Large Language Models (LLMs), and their application and implementation in production systems. It's not just about text processing anymore - now, other modalities like audio, images, and video can be processed by LLMs, which opens up even more applications. On the other hand, as a society, we face increasing challenges because we will be inundated with more AI-generated content. This will bring many risks that we will need to confront, often through technological means.

I'm personally training smaller LLMs intended for use on consumer-grade GPUs.

I believe the development of small LLMs will also be significant. The miniaturization of LLMs will allow anyone to have their own personalized and tailored model(s), which can operate on home devices like PCs, laptops, and in the future, maybe even smartphones and smartwatches.

Matt Pelc

Director of Engineering

There are a few of trends that I’ll be paying attention to in the coming year:

Generative/Adaptive UI with AI:
We’re going to see increased development of dynamic user interfaces that adapt to individual behaviors and preferences. These UIs improve efficiency by automating design, offer predictive functionality & learning capabilities, and evolve to meet user needs. This approach focuses on accessibility and aesthetic variety, ensuring a personalized user experience.

Personalized Medicine and AI-driven Diagnostics: Advances in genomics and AI are enabling treatments tailored to individual genetic profiles. This technology improves treatment effectiveness and reduces side effects.

Additionally, on the medical front, I’m interested in AI algorithms that can assist in disease diagnosis, potentially even before symptoms appear. These algorithms analyze medical images, lab results, and patient data for more accurate diagnostics. Both of these technologies in tandem are going to revolutionize medicine.

Quantum computing: There are so many exciting things that quantum computers can do. They can be used to simulate complex environmental systems to enhance climate change models and develop more effective environmental strategies. They can also analyze molecular structures and biological processes in a way that exceeds standard computers, which can accelerate new drug development. Plus, quantum computers can model materials at the atomic level, which can help scientists discover new materials for energy, manufacturing, and technology.

Jess Carlin

Director of Marketing & Partnerships

I’m excited about how AI makes technology accessible for non-technical individuals. I think there are some very interesting applications for someone who might have a really interesting idea but not necessarily the technical skills to execute.

While there are 100% reasonable concerns around AI and the creative industries, I find the concept that a creative individual can use AI to bring an idea to life really exciting.

If you’re just as excited as we are about LLMs, AI,  and Quantum Computing, or just want to find out more, get in touch! 

We’ve asked the team, and here are some of the tech & trends that Team Pickaxe is most excited about for 2024!

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