Enterprise Intelligence

We help executives in marketing, product, engineering, and analytics build the future.

We solve your biggest problems and deliver solutions custom designed for your business without the fluff. 

Enterprise Consulting

You bring the challenges.
We bring custom solutions.

Our consulting practice areas include everything from improving your martech systems to building data pipelines, and from creating technology and product roadmaps to custom media mix models to meet your unique needs.

Data & Martech Systems Integration, Development, & Optimization

Whether you need to design a data warehouse, audit your martech stack, implement or integrate new tools, we have the experience to deliver results that have impact.

Media Mix Modeling & Multi-Touch Attribution

We can help you see the future. Our Media Mix practice gives you the ability to understand what channels are really delivering the most value, including Above The Line, and predicts future outcomes with high accuracy.

Product Design & Development

Our award winning team can help you think through design challenges, improve your products, and launch new ones.

Fractional Marketing & Data Analysts

Grow your internal capabilities with our marketing analysts. Whether you need a few hours a week, or a full time analyst, our team of trained experts know how to gather, organize, and analyze all of your marketing data to make actionable decisions faster.

Strategy & Vision Development

We bring focus, analysis, and narrative to the future. Our strategy services can help build plans, roadmaps, and storytelling that provide a unique vision for you, along with the tools to evangelize that vision across your organization.

Decision Science & Data Engineering

From building data pipelines and schemas, to bespoke machine learning algorithms, we help you move faster and get the most out of your data.

We are experts at getting things live. Our program management and launch practice has helped launch some of the most beloved services online.

Pickaxe helped us solve huge problems with our martech stack, and helped us develop a solution that allowed us to grow faster.

VP Marketing - Media Company

We are more than just consultants.

We also make platforms that drive the future of data analytics and augmented business intelligence.

The most powerful query, visualization, analysis, and insights tool.

Built for marketers, product leaders, and executives.

Eliminate data bottlenecks and stop having to ask your data team to build queries or do analysis for you. Every answer you need at your fingertips.

Data & Insights Platform

Visualizations your entire team will love...without all the hassle.

Automated analysis, insights, anomaly detection, and predictions, all in one easy to use platform to ensure optimal growth of your business.

Pickaxe Insights analyzes every single data point automatically, and tells you the most interesting things you need to know.

Pickaxe features beautiful, totally custom dashboards that your entire team will love.

Support for all the data visualizations you need, with insights included and powered by our easy to use query tool.

Simple enough for your CEO.

Queries so advanced they tell you the future.

Never hunt for a fieldname again. Or go back and forth between spreadsheets. Ask for what you want and you get exactly what you want, with predictions included.

The smartest companies trust Pickaxe.

Ask us how we can help you.


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